The Chilean Plastics Pact (CPP) works in a jointly articulated manner, focusing on all plastic containers and packaging placed in the Chilean market, generating collaboration and innovation to propose new manufacturing, use, reuse and recycling methods for plastics. To ensure this initiative’s success, all stakeholders involved in the value chain are called upon, as well as other relevant agents that make up the Chilean plastics ecosystem, accomplishing their active participation.

Stakeholders involved in the Chilean Plastics Pact:

Through this active collaboration platform, we seek to close the common gaps in terms of information, coordination and legitimacy when dealing with a problem that requires that individual interests are humbled for a greater common goal.

The governance of these efforts remains a key element, and in the CPP’s case it has different instances. On one hand there is the Strategic Committee, the Technical Committee and the Communications Committee advising in key decisions. These are joined by the theme-based working groups, comprising the different members of the Pact, where, through Effective implementation methodologies and Agility, they focus on the implementation of solutions identified in the roadmap to achieve the goals by 2025.