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To increase and promote awareness on recycling matters in Chile, NESTLÉ signed an agreement with Pronto Copec to provide more recycling locations for the packaging they place on the market.

This is how Pronto Copec will use the necessary space and containers to collect the waste throughout its sales premises and NESTLÉ, under its brands MAGGI, SAVORY and MCKAY, will be in charge of the removal and the recycling of the plastic waste accumulated. 

The recycling logistics consists in the accumulation of flexible PP5 and PS6 type plastics in the designated Pronto Copec locations. Subsequently, the recycling company Rembre will be in charge of the removal and transportation of this waste, delivering it to Fundación Revalora, who will be responsible for turning it into “Eco-Tablas” (eco-planks), a product made out of recycled material.


For NESTLÉ, this action is in line with the company’s goal of taking responsibility for the thousands of plastic they produce and sell every year. Its purpose is also to provide their consumers with the greatest possible convenience, so recycling becomes part of their daily tasks and may count with all the tools they will ever need to do so as in the most efficient and expedited way possible.

In this case, this initiative is made possible by the brand’s collective action with other actors who became part of, and are collaborating with the brand to reduce the negative impact of single-use plastics on the environment, in addition to promoting among citizens the habit of recycling.

So far, the plastic bins have been installed in more than 35 collecting locations in the service stations for flexible post-consumption PP5, and it is expected that around 40 tons of plastic containers will be recycled per year.

Initiative Commitment

1/3 of the household and non-domiciliary plastic packaging must be effectively recycled, reused or composted.