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Chile is the regional leader in the use of returnable bottles. A returnable plastic bottle, if its conditions remain optimal, may be reused approximately 12 times. Fewer and higher quality PET plastics are required to manufacture a Single Bottle hence its appearance remains intact for a longer period. In addition, when both glass and plastic returnable bottles used to be permanently labeled (with paint), that part could not be recovered, so the bottle had to be cut after its lifespan, and that part had to be discarded. In the case of the Single Bottle, as the container can be filled with different products such as juices and beverages, a paper label is used; therefore, the container is 100% recyclable.

The Single Bottle is much more than a container; it is an innovative way to incorporate the sustainability concept from within the design. It consists in a returnable PET bottle that uses less plastic, and whose design is the same for all the different cola soft drinks, from Coca-Cola to Fanta, Sprite, and Inka Cola.

These design elements have positive effects throughout the entire lifespan of the container, improving the consumer’s experience, the Company’s ability to expand product options, and helping to protect the environment.

With an investment of nearly US$20 million, changes were implemented in the line of production, with a new paper label that personalizes and differentiates the contents of these returnable plastics.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware about the need to care for the environment and, in that sense, they are adopting and recovering habits such as container returnability, which helps reusing and recycling the bottles. And the Single Bottle was created precisely to meet a consumption model that is committed to reuse. As for the practical aspects, if in the past we had to take a Sprite bottle to the store or supermarket to buy another Sprite, now, any container will do. This makes the task easier and avoids the number of bottles in circulation.

With the new Single Returnable Bottle, so far the reduction in the number of bottles circulating in the market that has been achieved is around 5% to 10%, in addition to being a unique project for the company, and is already present in four South American countries: Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil, and is expected to be expanded to Europe.

98% of the Coca Cola containers

are 100% reciclable

Reduction in 5% to 10% in the quantity

of bottles in the market

Initiative present in Chile,

Argentina, Peru and Brazil

Initiative Commitment

100% of the plastic packaging must be designed to be recyclable, reusable or compostable.

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