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Agrosuper, CCU, Parque Arauco, Sodimac, Empack, Ampacet, Coexpan and Edelpajoined the Chilean Plastics Pact as partners and with it, took on the challenge of rethinking the future of this material in Chile. The eight companies that are already participating as founding partners, welcomed them at an event aimed at strengthening the network of participating organizations.

The Chilean Plastics Pact, unprecedented in Latin America and depicted in Chile by the “Circula el Plastico” campaign, is part of the global network of the Plastics Pact launched in 2018 by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The initiative is led in the country by the Ministry of Environment and Fundación Chile, with the participation of Unilever, Amcor, Coca-Cola, Mallplaza, Nestlé, Soprole and Resiter as founding companies.

By joining the network, the new companies assume the concrete commitments leading up to 2025 that are contemplated in the pact. These are, first, to eliminate single-use plastic containers and utensils that are problematic or unnecessary through redesign and innovation. Second, that 100% of plastic containers and packaging must be designed to be recyclable, reusable or compostable.

Third, that one third of household and non-household plastic containers and packaging must be effectively recycled, reused or composted and, fourth, that plastic containers and packages must have -among their different formats- on average, 25% of recycled material. All these commitments must be fulfilled by 2025.

The group is working on the planning of a roadmap to 2025, which will be finalized in December this year and that will be announced within the context of Cop25.