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The Chilean Plastics Pact prioritized the solutions set forth in the recently launched Roadmap defining short term actions.

The initiatives were divided into six categories: reuse, circular design, open innovation, infrastructure, culture, and dialogue.

The Chilean Plastics Pact (PCP) continues to make progress in taking concrete actions to fulfill the commitments set out in the “Roadmap of the Chilean Plastics Pact”, a document launched this January, aiming to become a national strategy in the use of plastic elements as a means of moving forward towards a circular economy, where plastic does not impact the environment.

This Roadmap establishes the challenges as well as the short, medium, and long term initiatives for each target already defined by the PCP members in July 2019. The following are the traction cores that must be met by 2025 and that must be addressed in the areas of Innovation, Infrastructure, Regulatory Framework, and Culture.

To this end, Fundación Chile held an Initiative Prioritization Workshop on March 10, where all the Pact members and stakeholders participated to prioritize the solutions contained in the Roadmap; solutions that will be implemented during the 2020-2021 first implementation period.

On this occasion the initiatives were divided into six categories: circular design, reuse, open innovation, infrastructure, culture, and dialogue, with priority given to short-term initiatives (1-2 years) in order to create the implementation plan.

Some examples of initiatives that the Pact will be working on during 2020 and 2021 are generating a registry of companies capable of promoting packaging solutions that incorporate recycled material; fostering collaboration for the development of reuse models including bulk sales in warehouses and retail; carrying out a mapping of suppliers to identify and analyze the supply of alternatives available today in the market as a replacement for the priority list of problematic elements; developing a communication guide to ensure good practices in order to educate consumers simply and coherently, combining criteria and ensuring the correct use of concepts; and conducting a study of national and international regulations associated with the use of recycled material in packaging.

The implementation plan to meet the proposed targets was presented on March 2, during the initiative’s Steering Committee’s meeting, held online. Here, the governance model, the architecture of the working groups, and the methodology used were presented among other aspects.

The four


The four targets or traction cores of the Chilean Plastics Pact are: